Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Im moving again

Well, moving my blog because this one is giving me too many issues

Thats the new link to follow


Shrimp bisque

After a long and lovely vacation/excursion with my mom and dad and my lu, its back to the milano life for me.
Funny, though, in august everyone seems to be gone.
Its a bit of a ghost town but i love the fact that i can breath fresh air in the city.
Im still in vacation mode, since work doesnt start until september, and school doesnt start until october,
So im using the time to lay around and tey new recipes on lu
Today for example im trying out my mom's famous shrimp bisque
Ill put up the pictures when im done
Finally fixed the problems with my blog-
So keep following

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

june bug

well here we are.
the end of the school year!
too bad its not end of the work year 8(
not much has been going on in ohamandajane world
my two jobs have been keeping me very busy
not much news, really
luciano and i are getting plans together for when my parents come and visit
we will be taking them on a little tour of italy
and lu and i are so looking forward to it!
(mom you better bring your camera!)

the lastest job i had was in genova
it was for a pirate/viking promotion... and they dressed me up as a viking
very amusing i have to say..
well hopefully i can get enough jobs to pay the bills
keep your fingers crossed

here are the lastest photos from my portfolio

thanks for following my blog
i hope ill have some more interesting stories soon
besides (im working everyday)

amanda jane

Monday, May 23, 2011

cross your fingers!

Because I may be coming to the US of A!
Luciano is most definatly (speriamo!) going to be in the states
because he was asked to work there for a truffle dealer from nyc
(that he met at a fair when he was working for marina colonna...)
long story short
Lu will be in the states from november to the end of december
I would LOVE to go with him, but first ill have to find a secure job
(so i dont loose the money that i would make here)

we will have to figure out all of the tiny details
but right now im just excited about the possiblity!!!!

wish me luck!!
amanda jane

Sunday, May 8, 2011

milano in may

I have to say that Milan, this year had a wonderful winter..
barely cold and no snow whatsoever, even though I looked forward to making some snow men I couldn't complain about the temperature. Now that Spring is here the weather is really heating up! The once naked city is now in full bloom - the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the gelato is giving me many more reasons to be eaten.
heh heh.
Even with the packed working schedule, going to castings around the city it really is enjoyable to see Milan at its best. Not much else has been going on- and my camera was stuffed in a box with its batteries run out (its being charged right now)...
So I only have recent pictures of the foods that I have been cooking. Luciano and I try to stay healthy without losing interest in the meal- so cooking is a huge part of our day. Fresh food, new recipes and lots of love. (Lu says Im turning into a great cook)
hope you enjoy the pictures!!

amanda jane

Friday, April 22, 2011

It's been a year

Happy anniversary!!
In case you didn't know.. Lu and I have been married for a year now.
Still planning on how we will celebrate our marriage in a church one day(since we officially were married in milano's town hall)... We are a little out of order. haha
One year just seemed to whiz by. We planned going to florence and renting a car, or flying out for a weekend in spain.. maybe next time. But we chose to have a little more fun. GARDALAND!!! There is one of the largest theme parks in Europe just a train ride away. Its pretty obvious that we're still kids. We went on a friday so that all the kids would still be in school. And we pretty much had the whole park to ourselves. (from 10 am to 6pm) a full day of rides, it was hilarious!!

After that we arranged a little more romantic weekend in Peschiera del Garda, a city on lake Garda. Our hotel arranged a ride to pick us up. And for the rest of the weekend we spent doing touristic sight seeing and relaxing in the old town.
Soon enough our weekend was over and we had to rush back to Milan for a photo shoot.

Its a good thing Easter is right around the corner,
because i needed a longer vacation!

thanks for following,
amanda jane

Thursday, March 31, 2011

so much to say

Well I havent been able to update in a while because Luciano and I have relocated to our new apartment!! We found a small place in a great location of milan (porta venezia) It makes it much easier to get around and the area is very alive with plenty of things to do. I couldnt be more thrilled. For being in such a great area and practically new, the price is a steal (for milano) So recently I picked up a few jobs to help pay for the apartment (and for a little pocket money hahah) One of those jobs, is modeling ( i recently got my first editorial job!! with janet sport) I mostly run around the city and go to castings and go-sees, in the evening I tutor a young girl who just moved into the area from london. Then once a week, I teach private english lessons to two middle age Italians who need english to improve their career. Its tough constantly "on the go" but I really enjoy the work.

Last monday I had a casting in Rome for a movie (who knows if i got the part) but I did have enough extra time to explore the city. Before that I worked at Cosmoprof in Bologna, where I had my hair cut and styled on the runway (that was a first haha) (crappy link)

A few days ago the book that I was illustrating for finally came out!! I am so thrilled to hold my hard work in my hands. I will have to make a speech on the book in a month or so because there is a presentation. Ill try to have my sloppy Italian phrases documented. haha

Luciano is busy too, he is studying hard for his exams and finding an internship or possibly even work as a psychologist. Busy as our lives are, we are learning to take time out for ourselves- like walking to the park, going out for coffee, and making dinner together.

This past weekend Luciano, his family, and I went to their cabin in the northern part of Italy for a ski competition (of course I didn’t enter ahah) We had a great time (it was so cold) and ate wonderful fresh food. Lu ended up winning in his age group! (congratss)

OH! Soon enough will be our one year anniversary!! Time just flew by huh? Lu and I are planning on renting a car and spending a long weekend in the tuscan hills while staying in a bed and breakfast farm. I will definatly have to upload pictures of tuscany.

Now that I have the internet I'll have no excuse not to update anymore.

Im finally what i always wanted to be.
a pokemon trainer!!

thanks for following my blog!
amanda jane